Apr 16, 2014



cassette: hellfyre club _____ (5 underscores) (im just bein honest) (by spicymmmmm)

unboxing the mystery tape.

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Apr 16, 2014


i wrote a thing about college for this magazine between the omnipresent white man’s hands.

this is the thing

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Apr 14, 2014


SYFFAL.COM and Analyze and Interpret have teamed up with Turtle (KTF), and KAIL (Hellfyre Club) to bring The Limited Edition Tour to the West Coast. 

4/15 The Kaos Network, Bananas (Los Angeles, CA)

4/16 The Back Bar, The Cypher (San Jose, CA)

4/17 The Hard Hat Lounge (Las Vegas, NV)
w/PHIL A, Late for Dinner, Gia K, AR(T)chitect

4/18 The Woodshed (Salt Lake City, UT)
w/Z-Man and DJ True Justice, Black Lion 

4/20 The Shredder (Boise, ID)

4/21 Cowfish, Monday Night Mics (Eugene, OR)

turtle: turtlemusic.bandcamp.com
KAIL: hellfyreclub.bandcamp.com
Syffal: (Shut Your Fucking Face and Listen): Syffal.com
Hellfyre Club: hellfyreclub.bandcamp.com
Keep The Feel Ent. (Keep the Feel Ent.): keepthefeel.bandcamp.com
Analyze & Interpret: shop.theyanalyzeus.com

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Apr 12, 2014


Nocando team backpack Cypher

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Apr 12, 2014


’..and I can project myself into scenes I’ve only seen on films’

Milo - post hoc ergo propter hoc (for Schopenhauer): http://youtu.be/2dv_wT6Dnmo

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Apr 12, 2014


Hellfyre Club at Knocturnal

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Apr 2, 2014


Review: Nocando - Jimmy The Burnout

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Apr 1, 2014

Should we make more of these shirts?

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